Your SSL Guide

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate is an additional security offered for online communications. It is essentially a code situated on the web server. As and when a web browser contacts the secured website, this certificate enables encrypted connection. Owing to the fact that each SSL certificate contains identification information, it is quite trustworthy. By requesting an SSL certificate, a third-party verifies the information provided and then, issues another unique certificate to your website/organization containing the same information.

Do I need an SSL Certificate?

One of the major benefits of SSL certificates is that they keep online interactions private. This is despite the fact that all the information travels across public internet. This is why public trust websites, when they have an SSL certificate to their credit. They trust the websites to enter their private and confidential details such as – credit card numbers or bank account numbers.

Which websites use an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates are used in email servers, web-based applications, eCommerce websites and many other websites.

What are the different levels of encryption?

Encryption is basically a process of coding and decoding information. A larger key (keys are of 40-bit to 256-bit) indicates more possible combinations. This means that 128-bit encryption is several times stronger than that of a 40-bit encryption. The strength of the encryption however, is determined by the browser, the server, the SSL certificate and the client operating system.

How SSL order purchase works?

1. Select SSL product you want to buy or renew.

2. Submit Technical and Admin contact details.

3. Complete Secure payment process.

4. Submit CSR key and Approve order request.

5. Receive SSL Certificate and site seal email.

I am new with SSL certificate! I do not know what SSL product is best for my needs?

Please review our recommendation and choose best for you. Please see our recommendation, before you start SSL purchase and enrollment.

What is Single root SSL Certificate?

Your domain SSL certificate will be linked direct to Root CA Certificate. Single root SSL certificate will be issued under SSL issuing authority root CA. So SSL trust will be checked direct with Root CA certificate. There is NO chain included with single root CA.

Why SSL Certificate is compulsory for website?

SSL secures data transaction over internet and intranet. SSL use cryptographic service for data transaction. SSL send and receive data in encrypted format. So no one can read real data.

What is WildCard SSL Certificate?

WildCard SSL Certificates are used to secure multiple sub-domains using a single SSL certificate. Single WildCard SSL Certificate secures: * For Example :,,,,

What is EV SSL Certificate?

Extended Validation SSL EV SSL certificates are domain and business verification SSL products. EV SSL issuer will verify your domain and company real identity in the world. And they verified details will be shown in SSL Certificate. EV SSL certificate turns address bar color to Green Color. When you browse EV SSL installed website using https://, SSL Certificate will changer browser address bar color to green.

What to do if my SSL does not work?

We recommend you to follow standard CSR generation and SSL installation process. Though you face issue with SSL then we recommend you to contact our technical department, Our technical expert team is always ready to help you out from any kind of SSL problems.

What is SSL site seal?

SSL site seal is a SSL logo that will be provided free with SSL certificate. SSL Site Seal will show this site is SSL Secured. There are so many types of SSL Site Seal.

What is 30 days free refund policy?

Yes we offer 30 days free refund money protection. In case you’re hosting does not allow you to install third party SSL we process. In such cases we recommend to move away from such hosting providers.

How does an SSL certificate make a website more trustworthy?

An SSL certificate consists of verified information and assures the users that they are communicating with a secure website. This is in the form of Extended Validation, where security is visibly assured to the users. The address bar turns green in high-security browsers.

Why select JoinSSL?

JoinSSL is trusted by several businesses. This is because we are one of the best names on the industry, which provides several SSL certificates and similar solutions to clients.

What protocol SSL use?

HTTPS: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure Port Number: 443 FTPS: File Transfer Protocol Secure Port Number: 990 You need to open port number 443 on firewall after installing SSL certificate to work it proper.

Who needs SSL Certificate?

Ecommerce website, Online Shopping Cart, Webmail, Online Trading website, Online Payment Website, Online data Transfer Website, Email Programs, Online money transfer website, Online Private content website.

What is 2048 bit CSR key?

2048 bit CSR is advanced encryption level CSR.

What is CSR Key?

CSR: Certificate Signing Request. CSR key is also known as Private Key.

How to generate CSR Key?

CSR generation process depends on what type of web server and control panel used to manage your website. Like as Microsoft IIS5.0 IIS6.0 IIS 7.0 Apache Cpanel Plesk Helm etc. Please review CSR generation steps on Technical Support Page

What is Free SSL certificate?

Free SSL certificates are not recommended to use, as they are issued on basis of test usage. We recommend using paid SSL certificate, as they are offered with insurance warranty.

What information need to get SSL Certificate?

  1. CSR : Certificate Signing Request
  2. Contact Person Name
  3. Company Detail : Address, Email, Phone Number
  4. Domain Approval Email Address

Why SSL certificates at lowest price with JoinSSL?

We offer best discounted and guaranteed pricing in this competitive market and also offer best technical support

How CA verify business real identity?

You need to submit your business license documents to prove your company real identity. Certificate Authority verification team will check your identity with your country government website / public details. They also call you on phone to verify real person identity.

Who provides SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates are issued by certificate authority.

Who is SSL Certificate Authority?

VeriSign, Thawte, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Comodo, Entrust, Instant SSL. All these are SSL Certificate Authority and provide different types of SSL certificate products.

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