RapidSSL Certificates

Do you own a small or medium-sized business? Do your web pages receive minimal traffic? Are you a startup and looking for a certificate that more or less takes care of your website authentication needs? Look no further. RapidSSL is the best solution for all your requirements. The affordable, domain-validated certificated is issued within minutes.

Get encryption and validation for your website, which will help you gain customer trust. With a strong 128/256-bit encryption, it offers a ‘Secured by RapidSSL’ website seal.

Here is a list of the advantages offered by RapidSSL certificate:

  • Reliable: It offers reliable security.
  • Cost-effective: It is one of the most cost-effective solutions.
  • Browser support: Most of the latest browsers support RapidSSL.
  • Domain check: It checks if you are the rightful owner of a domain before issuing the certificate.
  • Fast issuance: All the certificates are normally issued within minutes.
  • Paperless: No paperwork is required and a quick and efficient online validation process reduces the hassles in certificate issuance.
  • Validation for single domain name: Get validation for a single domain name along with your RapidSSL certificate.
  • $10,000 warranty: All the certificates come with a $10,000 warranty.
  • Free static seal: Receive a free static Site Seal to assure safety of using your website.
  • Refund policy: A 15-day refund policy comes free with every RapidSSL certificate you choose.

Why choose BuySSLOnline?

BuySSLOnline is rapidly gaining momentum as the go-to SSL solutions firm. We provide all sorts of basic SSL requirements to our clients for their websites, irrespective of the size and scale of the business. Get each and every form of assistance required for RapidSSL certificates from our doorstep. With many years of experience, we are confident of helping you come to a definite conclusion when it comes to choosing the best SSL certificate for your website or organization.

And that’s not all. You can contact us for round-the-clock support or help regarding the certificates. We are there to assist you for certificate renewal, reissuance, installation and much more. We also help you compare different certificates and their features along with their pricing. This way, you can take your pick from the best solutions that let you build your customers’ trust on your website and increases conversions.
For more information on RapidSSL certificates or SSL certificates in general, feel free to get in touch with us.

ProductsPriceWarrantyIssuanceValidationSite Seal
RapidSSL 30 Days Trial$0.00No WarrantyIn MinutesDomain Validation (DV)No
RapidSSL Standard (DV)$9.45/yrUSD $10,000 WarrantyIn MinutesDomain Validation (DV)Static - RapidSSL Site Seal
RapidSSL Wildcard (DV)$91.42/yrUSD $10,000 WarrantyIn MinutesDomain Validation (DV)Static - RapidSSL Site Seal

RapidSSL 30 Days Trial

WarrantyNo Warranty
IssuanceIn Minutes
ValidationDomain Validation (DV)
Site SealNo

RapidSSL Standard (DV)

WarrantyUSD $10,000 Warranty
IssuanceIn Minutes
ValidationDomain Validation (DV)
Site SealStatic - RapidSSL Site Seal

RapidSSL Wildcard (DV)

WarrantyUSD $10,000 Warranty
IssuanceIn Minutes
ValidationDomain Validation (DV)
Site SealStatic - RapidSSL Site Seal