EV Help

Extended Validation Help

EV SSL or Extended Validation SSL is the highest class of SSL available. It activates padlock and the green address bar in all the major browsers. Known for providing the best and the strongest encryption level available, it helps organizations to offer a verified identity to visitors. Having EV-SSL automatically guarantees that the website is verified with all the industry certified EV guidelines.

Any website that had an EV-SSL certificate, will have a green address bar along, https:// and a padlock icon. Along with this, the name of the website owner along with the name of the certificate authority that issues the certificate will be displayed.

Who needs an EV-SSL Certificate?

An EV-SSL certificate is a plus-point for any website. However, it offers tremendous benefits to:

  • Websites that want to gain trust of their users by indicating that they have a strong encryption.
  • High profile websites such as those of major financial institutions or big brands that face constant phishing attack threats.
  • Websites that collect data, process logins, deal with financial transactions.
  • Startups or small time brands and businesses to achieve similar quality and encryption standards as that of their well-established competitors on the market.

What are the benefits of having an EV-SSL Certificate?

  • It incorporates the secure features of an SSL certificate along with advanced features.
  • It is compatible with most of the recent web browsers.
  • It offers a simple, visible way to gain trust of the users.
  • It is issued quickly, within a few business days.
  • It helps all sorts of websites establish credibility.
  • It leads to increased conversions.
  • Many EV-SSL companies offer a free logo for establishing trust immediately.

Why choose JoinSSL for EV-SSL help?

JoinSSL offers all sorts of support for EV-SSL certificates. We offer constant help to our clients and help them achieve highest authentication for their websites. You can ask us any questions that will help you take an informed decision. We help you install the certificate and all the steps that you require before, after and during the entire process.

We also help you upgrade your existing certificate to an EV certificate, get unlimited server license for your website, assist you in fraud protection, provide you instructions to safeguard your website against a number of security threats and so on and so forth. We ensure that you get the best services with our assistance.

Get our support 24/7 for your EV-SSL certificate. This means you get a better visibility as well as control of your certificates.

Contact us to know more about our help and support services.

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